Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Central Regional Hospital : Design Development

In the male and female activity rooms I wanted them to be similar, but just change materials and colors. The space has been divided in two using a partition wall. The wall is transparent, to allow the staff to see what is happening on both sides of the room. One side is for eating with tables provided. The other is a space for conversation to happen and watching television. The reception desk has been changed by having shorter sections giving it a more open feeling allowing patients to feel more comfortable. There is also color changes on the carpet.

The adolescent group room provides a space for smaller groups of people to hang out or play a board game. There is also a Wii game system in this room, so I wanted to have an open area in front of the television so they will have plenty of space to move around and play the games.

The room for family visiting has a booth setting to provide a space where parents can bring food and have a meal with their child. Then there are chairs and a couch for when it is not meal time and they can talk and sit with their child.

The children's activity room is also divided in two with a partition wall. The height of the bottom frame has changed, being shorter to adapt to the heights of the children. The left side has large circular foam seats that allows the kids to sit and read a book, watch television, or to hang out with other children. There are tables and chairs on the other side for eating, the furniture is child size to better relate to the children.

The patient rooms have a storage and shelving unit built in that extends from floor to ceiling. There is an opening allowing the children and adolescents to sit inside and read a book or relax. On the front there is a plastic frame for children to slide pictures and artwork they have made to personalize their room. On the wall there is a 3D graphic. It is two inches thick to have a textural and level change.
The hallways have graphics on the wall so that it helps the patients find their room easier. I have not fully developed the idea for the hallways, but this will happen in phase two.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Peer Review

Your images are good, really paying attention to detail. I think the colors you chose have related to the forest and is a natural feel. Maybe look at the column in the middle and make sure that they can't easily climb on. The graphics of the detailed forest is good to show to better understand the levels of the forest. Im not exactly sure what is being shown by the other diagram, is that the outside or is that one of the PCUs? With the image above, the ceiling change is good, it stimulates the brain and eyes but isn't over stimulating. The lights on the ceiling work well with the space. In the patient rooms I'm not sure what is going on there are, you having it a neutral color to allow the patients to add there own personality? What materials are you using, it looks like maybe you were thinking about wood? The ceiling change in here is good as well they both work together to cohesive but still different to distinguish the different rooms. Is that shelving in the back wall of that it looks like stair shelves, or maybe a night stand. In the kids activity room, the room divider works well for the height of the children. What activities would they be doing in there? Make sure they can't climb on top of the s-curve divider and jump or hurt themselves. The designs look good!

What you have stated on your blog shows you have really looked at the space and pointed out the things you want to change and make it a more "happy place". I think the concept chosen works well for the clients. They are really missing out on the child exploration experience. Kids really do learn from there own experiences in exploration. Having different activities and spaces for kids to explore will make there minds think and gain knowledge. The points you have listed to change are all good ideas and will help the aesthetics of the space. Good to have interviewed someone to get different ideas to improve the space from the same age as the clients. Maybe just adding a few sketches will help to show ideas better as to what you were thinking of doing.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Schematic Design

Conceptual Exploration
My concept is GROWTH. The patient's GROWTH will be determined by the knowledge they gain at Central Regional Hospital. The physical activities they do will help them to GROW strong and healthy bodies. The learning activities they do in the school classes will help them to GROW smart brains. The materials, textures, lighting, furniture, and design details will be carefully chosen to show GROWTH.

The design of the space will be influenced by GROWTH. For the group rooms I wanted to have a partition wall that was still transparent and open so that the small spaces don't get any smaller and feel claustrophobic. I found some furniture that will show GROWTH vertically by widening out at the top. I want to have activities for the children and adolescent to GROW physically healthy and knowledgable. I brain stormed about how to change to reception desk to be more welcoming and inviting for the patients to be able to talk to the staff comfortably. I looked at transparent materials, one being open at the bottom, and then also just height changes.

Saturday, September 11, 2010