Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Computing in Architectural Design

Technology is rapidly improving every day. We have went from handwriting and mail being delivered in person to now being able to talk on phones, texting, email, and video chat. When all we used to have was hand drafting it would take longer and although it is still important to know how to hand draft in case of a situation where you need to quickly share an idea or better explain something visually, the use of computer-aided design programs have greatly improved how we compute today. Computing has been around since Stonehenge in 2750-1500 BC and The Great Wall of China in 300 BC. Today we are now able to communicate with people and share projects with others through computers and without having to be on the same computer or in the same room. This is known as cyberspace which is a term coined by William Gibson to denote the information space created by the Internet.