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My Powers of Ten Project

I first started my designing by thinking of things that come in ten parts or pieces. So from that I wanted to design something that had ten pieces. My shape that I came up with to repeat is the Roman numeral ten, X. I designed ten X’s to be all connected to show the continuous movement which was shown by the time in the video and the continuous change. The largest X measures ten inches and from that they decrease in size by ten percent. In the video they started at one center point and keep that center point the whole time, so my design also has one center point. The way my project is view it can either be like you are zooming out or zooming in.

The Powers of Ten Response

The Powers of Ten video by Charles and Ray Eames helped me to see and think about many different aspects of how I can improve my way of designing. It showed me that I need to not only think about the space or product I design, but I should also look at what might be surrounding the space or where and how the product would be used. I think that if I design by what its surroundings are then it will help tie everything together. The video was also about scale and how the scale of things can be hard to understand, so this video helped to see how large and small thing can be but that they are still connected. If we understand the scale of things better then it allows us to be better designers. Also, I think that by designing things with certain numbers, based on what is being designed, it will only be a better space or product. When I was researching about the powers of ten I just read a title saying “The Beauty of Repetition…” and it showed images that had repetition in the design. This is an example to say that repeating the same number, and in this case the number ten, enhances our design. Now when I design I will look at everything that is in the space and how it will relate to its surroundings and by repeating numbers.