Tuesday, April 27, 2010

finding my HAPPY place

All of these rooms make me happy! They are all very orange which I love, they all have a unique characteristic about them. I like the tree on the wall and the white and black colors with the orange. I like the next room because it reminds me of my own room because my bedroom walls are orange, curtains are orange, and by comforter is orange as well. The next image I like because it has many textures in the space, whether it is orange or not.

In the fourth image they used the same light as in the third image. I think the fourth image could be improved by added more color in the space, addressing the windows, and changing the textures on the bed. I like the fifth image, but I think the space isn't laid out in a more efficient way, it looks like the bathroom counter is on one side and the bathtub is in the open on the other side of the room. I would also carry out the wood into the rest of the bedroom space.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Program Document

Carlos Smith as a Designer

Carlos Smith

Carlos is very imaginative when he designs a space. He thinks about the user and the needs they might have, he makes a story-line to go along with the perspective and thinks about the details. When he draws a perspective he has a distinct style of how he draws and renders. His lines are sketchy, and often the scale figures are animal heads on human bodies. He shows the scale figures interacting in the space and how the space would be used. I can also tell it's a "Carlos perspective" by the way he renders. He mostly uses watercolors and markers. He is very good at showing light and shadow.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Users Needs

My two clients are Grant Jones and Jamel Clark. Grant is 23 years old, undergraduate at UNCG who is studying English. He needs a quiet space when doing homework. He doesn't cook and eats out for most meals. He also hosts a poker night with his roommate every Tuesday and Thursday. Jamel is 21 years old, undergraduate at UNCG who is studying computer science. He is the captain of the lacrosse team, needs a place to store his equipment. Enjoys having friends over to watch sports and play video games. Eats most meals out or on campus.

  • Quiet space for doing homework.
  • Poker area when they host poker night.
  • Place for Jamel to store his sports equipment.
  • Entertainment area for watching sports and playing video games.
  • Small kitchen with just the basics, neither one cooks so they just need a refrigerator and microwave, and a place to eat.
  • Kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, poker area needs to be well lit, windows in rooms help; entertainment area has dim lights for better viewing of television.
  • Masculine
  • Fun, enjoyable
  • Relaxing, comfortable

Design Standards

  • Minimum overall floor area for a two bedroom apartment - 785 sq. ft.
  • Width of living/dining - 11.8 ft.
  • Floor area of living/dining/kitchen area - 322 sq. ft.
  • Minimum of bedroom floor area - 122 sq. ft. Width - 9.1 ft.
  • Minimum storage space requirements - 64.5 sq. ft.
  • Recommended viewing distance for a 42" television - 5.3-10.5 ft.

Design Strengths


As a designer, I have many strengths. I have wanted to be a designer since I was in middle school and drew out floor plans with my cousin; since then I have only improved my work. I have learned to hand render well to show light and shadow and to imitate the material being used. I have a good grasp on perspectives and drawing how you would see something. When I start a design I look for inspiration and precedents of how I was the feel to be or what it might look like. I design things for the user and the needs and wants they have for the space. My personality has an effect of me being a designer as well, I am a perfectionist with most things so I like for my work to look right since it is representing me. I am also organized. I also manage time well by getting the work done ahead of time in case I need to go back to fix something at the end.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Design Planning

Developing Concept

The butterfly, which I used in the phase two for my concept, is more delicate, colorful, and beautiful. Since I am designing an apartment for two college age guys I am going to develop the concept of a cocoon, it is protective and a period of developing. The shape of a cocoon is organic and curved. Since it is see through I thought of using light block or a material that is translucent in the space.

Inspiration Images

I'm taking inspiration from sports bars. Materials used most in them are dark woods and leather. They also use dark colors, burgundy, navy, and hunter green. Also since some have a darker feel to them, there are lots of lights used through out the space to lighten it up. Since Grant and Jamel don't cook, the kitchen won't get much use, so just the basics is all I will design for. Open shelving will be used and maybe even glass shelving. For the area where they can watch sports and play video games, I wanted to do theatre seating so they can have about eight people over and also the poker table will seat for eight people.