Monday, April 18, 2011

Skyscraper Interiors

The sky lounge is located in the taller building, on the top floor. I designed the sky lounge to have a bar, indoor eating and lounge area, outdoor eating and lounge area, dance area, and a kitchen. The wall for the indoor and outdoor spaces is glass, allowing the openness between the two spaces. The lighting in the space is dimmed.

The office spaces are located in the taller building, in the middle floors. They are open office spaces. There is personal desks, group tables and meeting areas located in the space. Also, a wall dedicated completely of shelving for books. There is two conference rooms, two principal/management personal offices, and a break area. The lighting in the space is bright, enhancing each work area and group area.

The retail spaces are located in the shorter building, on the second floor. There is areas for resting and sitting. The store fronts are all designed to fit each store personally. The lighting in here is bright and enhances the store products and displays.

106 W. Parish Street