Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Central Regional Hospital : Design Development

In the male and female activity rooms I wanted them to be similar, but just change materials and colors. The space has been divided in two using a partition wall. The wall is transparent, to allow the staff to see what is happening on both sides of the room. One side is for eating with tables provided. The other is a space for conversation to happen and watching television. The reception desk has been changed by having shorter sections giving it a more open feeling allowing patients to feel more comfortable. There is also color changes on the carpet.

The adolescent group room provides a space for smaller groups of people to hang out or play a board game. There is also a Wii game system in this room, so I wanted to have an open area in front of the television so they will have plenty of space to move around and play the games.

The room for family visiting has a booth setting to provide a space where parents can bring food and have a meal with their child. Then there are chairs and a couch for when it is not meal time and they can talk and sit with their child.

The children's activity room is also divided in two with a partition wall. The height of the bottom frame has changed, being shorter to adapt to the heights of the children. The left side has large circular foam seats that allows the kids to sit and read a book, watch television, or to hang out with other children. There are tables and chairs on the other side for eating, the furniture is child size to better relate to the children.

The patient rooms have a storage and shelving unit built in that extends from floor to ceiling. There is an opening allowing the children and adolescents to sit inside and read a book or relax. On the front there is a plastic frame for children to slide pictures and artwork they have made to personalize their room. On the wall there is a 3D graphic. It is two inches thick to have a textural and level change.
The hallways have graphics on the wall so that it helps the patients find their room easier. I have not fully developed the idea for the hallways, but this will happen in phase two.

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